The company Maxtel is a provider of dark fibre optical connections. In the field of telecommunications, we are known as a partner providing highly professional solutions and offering high-quality, technology-neutral optical fibre lease services. Maxtel is one of the major optical networking solution providers in Ljubljana with the surrounding area and in Kranj.

Maxtel specializes in setting up an optical network and in offering the lease of a network.

Telecommunications service providers, companies and state institutions are guaranteed complete autonomy and central control over their communications systems between business units.


Technologically neutral optical links for maximum control, safety and cost optimization of your communication systems.

Directors invitation:

»We will be happy to explain more on the current projects and our future vision in person, at a meeting, as this will make it easier to define your needs and find a joint opportunity for growth. «

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Location: Brnčičeva ulica 49, 1231 Ljubljana – Črnuče
Phone: +386 59 188 949
E-mail: info@maxtel.si


The company was founded in December 2001 with a bold vision of setting up an alternative optical network. Our mission not only embodied the market development potential, but also predicted the future of telecommunications industry which has gone exactly in the direction we anticipated.

The first locations where we set up our optical network were Ljubljana with its surrounding area and the city of Kranj. Due to great development potential, foreign investors joined Maxtel in 2005, increased its capital and thus gave it a new boost. Excellent synergy between home management and a powerful owner allowed the company to grow fast.

The fact that customers’ needs are our priority, combined with over 20 years of experience in the field of telecommunications by Maxtel managers, inspired us to offer a specialized solution of technology-neutral optical connections. Thus, our customers are completely free in selecting active equipment providers and telecommunications service provider. Dark fibre is installed only underground to ensure stable, safe and continuous communications systems in Ljubljana with its surrounding area and in Kranj. Looking into the future, we remain available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each day, we endeavor to fulfill our mission of being an innovative, highly professional, responsive and transparent optical networking solutions provider.


Orientation towards the needs of subscribers and more than 20 years of experience in telecommunications management companies is subject to the emergence of specialized Maxtel offers technically neutral optic linkages. We offer our clients complete autonomy in the selection of the manufacturer of the active equipment or telecommunication services provider. Unlit optical fibre, built exclusively for the underground, provide a stable, safe and continuous communication systems in the area of Ljubljana with its surroundings and Kranj. To be perceived in the future and are available to subscribers 24 hours per day, 7 days of the week, Choose your mission every day innovation, highly professional, the response and flexible provider of optical connections.

General information about the company

Name MAXTEL družba za telekomunikacije in informacijski inženiring d.o.o., Ljubljana
Address Brnčičeva ulica 49, 1231 Ljubljana – Črnuče
ID for VAT/tax code SI63250691
The date of registration in the register 16.01.2002
Registration number 1685384000
Transaction account YOU'RE 56 2900 0005 5825 006 (UNICREDIT BANKA D.D.)
Representative M STER