Optical fibre technology remains unchallenged when it comes to providing fast, safe and stable telecommunications connections. Essentially unlimited bandwidth means that a great amount of data can travel with the speed of light in a monitored environment with the highest level of stability, all the way from the users entry point to the exit point.

From 2002 to the present, the entire area of Ljubljana and the city of Kranj have been connected to the optical network.

At Maxtel, we understand your needs and work together with our users to find the optimal solution in providing the kind of connection you need. With reliable data transfer being of utmost importance today, we are fast and efficient in setting up connections.


Leasing an optical line guarantees telecommunications service providers, companies and state institutions complete autonomy and central control over their own communications systems between business units.

optical connections

We establish optical connections on demand for end users with specific requirements who wish to use their own equipment in the optical network nodes between their business units and in the connections to disaster recovery.

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