Our work continues to be consistent with the planned, highly professional approach which we adopted right at the beginning and has been praised by our many satisfied customers. Combining professional support with customer-tailored services, we make sure that users have the necessary autonomy in selecting active equipment.

We lease or rent only dark fibre. The decision on what kind of active equipment to use at the node and which telecommunications/electronic service provider to select is completely up to you.

Unlimited bandwidth for even the most demanding users.
Centrally monitored data transfer between business units and disaster recovery systems.
A stable optical network regardless of node heterogeneity, network scope and terrain characteristics.
Reliability and flexibility of our 24/7 technical support and the provision of physical redundancy, which is not available with all optical providers.
Safety is ensured by installing connections underground only, thereby protecting them from flood, frost and other unfavorable weather conditions.

»We ensure constant, 24/7 availability of services to our customers. In case of malfunctions on the optical network, our technical support line is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. «