At Maxtel d.o.o., we are committed to providing an alternative optical network where it is needed the most. Known for its highly professional services, the company Maxtel d.o.o. has become one of the most important providers of optical networking solutions in Ljubljana.

The fact that customers’ needs are our priority, combined with over 20 years of experience in the field of telecommunications by Maxtel managers, inspired us to offer a specialized solution of technology-neutral optical connections. Thus, our customers are completely autonomous in selecting active equipment providers and telecommunications service provider.

Dark fibre is installed only underground to ensure stable, safe and continuous communications systems in Ljubljana with its surrounding area and in Kranj.



Leasing an optical line guarantees telecommunications service providers, companies and state institutions complete autonomy and central control over their own communications systems between business units.

optical connections

We establish optical connections on demand for end users with specific requirements who wish to use their own equipment in the optical network nodes between their business units and in the connections to disaster recovery.

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